Happy Tears

After so many tragedies this year, and every year, sometimes we forget that this world is full of more people that do good things than bad. That’s why everyone should hear about stories like the 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids SportsKids of the Year have to share.

At nine years old, Connor Long has participated in a number of triathlons, which is a pretty impressive feat for such a young age. What’s even more impressive, courageous, and inspirational is that he competes in these triathlons while pulling his younger brother, Cayden, along side him.

When Connor’s parents found out they were expecting another boy only two years younger than Connor, they were thrilled by the idea that the two boys would grow up together fishing, playing sports, riding bikes, and more. Soon after Cayden was born, his parents realized that Connor wouldn’t have that younger brother to play with because of Cayden’s diagnosis of hypertonic cerebral palsy. With the severity of Cayden’s condition, he is left unable to walk or talk on his own, and Connor and Cayden aren’t able to play together like typical younger brothers.

But that never stopped Connor from trying. Connor was always sad seeing his brother sit on the sideline while he was having so much fun playing sports. So, when Connor eyed an advertisement for the Nashville Kids Triathlon in a magazine his mother was reading, he asked his mother if he could do it, and if Cayden could too.

Connor and Cayden began participating in triathlons together in June 2011. As Connor swims he pulls Cayden behind him in a raft. Cayden’s trailer is attached to the back of Connor’s bicycle for that portion, and the team quickly works to set up another trailer for Connor to push during the running portion.

Words aren’t good enough to describe how inspiring this young boy is. Watch this video here:


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3 Responses to Happy Tears

  1. kbox2015 says:

    I love hearing stories about that. So often siblings fight about trivial things, but it is obvious that Connor cared a great deal about being with his brother, and he wanted him to be able to participate in everything that he possibly could. Such an inspirational story!

  2. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    Pretty amazing…I actually saw Team Hoyt when I was running Boston one year. The dad was pretty darn fast back then!

  3. This was such an inspirational article. It’s really amazing that he was only nine when he decided to do this for his brother. There’s a very similar story where a man does it for his son (http://www.teamhoyt.com/), but this is on a whole different level, for a nine year old to be so selfless and care so much about his younger brother is truly incredible. Thanks for sharing!

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