All or Nothing Type of Gal

As a collegiate athlete I know it is all the more important for me to pay sincere attention and concern to what I am ingesting and digesting. However, I can’t shake my eternal love for the sweets. Chocolate, Snickers bars particularly, ice cream, and pizza are three of my biggest vices. I have this tendency to go through spurts of my life completely cutting these vices out of my diet, and then I have gone through spurts where I seem to be eating one of the three every night. I don’t understand why my eating habits seem to fall so far in one direction or another.

I suppose I have an “all or nothing” type of personality; however, I am trying to use the information in this class to help me rationally work through my sweet tooth hankerings and understand the effects on my body. In fact, as we saw from some elite athletes like Michael Phelps, caloric intake is simply the bottom line, it doesn’t matter what type of calories he’s ingesting. I know, I am a different athlete and seem to perform better when I am properly energizing myself with good diet.

To try to dispel my “all or nothing” outlook on life, I am working on allowing myself treats in doses. Even the food pyramid guide itself allowed for some leeway with some sweets occasionally.

My biggest issue with this “all or nothing” attitude, is that I seem to be the most effective at following the “nothing” aspect in the summer when I am training at the highest level for my sport; however, once my season starts and mid-January rolls around I have difficulty abiding by my strict dietary restrictions.

Certainly learning about what nutritional value, or lack thereof, is within these vice foods of mine has helped considerably with my dietary decision-making.

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