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Saturday mornings at my house usually involve waking up around 9:00, then rolling downstairs and hanging out on the couch while watching SportsCenter.  It’s a lazy habit that my dad, brother and I have adopted, but you have to be up and all with sports news!  I love all the different segments, and especially when they involve the hometown Philly teams winning.

My favorite segment, though, is when John Brenkus comes on to do another ESPN Sports Science segment.  For those who have never seen one before, I have included links below to YouTube videos with some of my favorites.  The segment is about a world-class athlete who is top in his or her respective sport, such as Dwight Howard, Adrian Peterson, and Paul Rabil.  The scientists then break down each athlete and explain why he or she is so successful.  The results often include statistics and analyses  of the athlete’s movement during a game.  Also they compare the results of the tests to average humans, and sometimes even animals!  These results just confirm why each of the athletes is top in their game.

The reason why I enjoy this segment so much is because Brenkus actually describes the science behind each of the sports.  He explains how Jeremy Lin is able to control and maneuver his body to be able to beat defenders.  He slows down the movement and explains how Kevin Love is able to box out his opponents, and even a 300 pound sumo wrestler.  Brenkus explains the angles, speed, and force necessary to perform as highly as professional athletes do every week.  It fascinates me to learn about how far people push their bodies to perform so highly and expertly.  Also I am a scientist, so I enjoy seeing sports broken down into what they really are: just one athlete using science and their own physiology to outwit and beat an opponent.  Because with all the showiness of sports stripped away all you are truly left with is just science, and that’s why I enjoy this segment so much.

Paul Rabil

Penalty Kicks

Joey Chesnut

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  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    I just watched the Joey Chesnut segment…awesome!

  2. PumpingIron PumpingIron says:

    I really enjoy watching these segments as well and can entertain myself watching them on Youtube for hours. Although they sometimes focus too much on breaking stuff for the visual effect, a lot of the information they present is very interesting. My favorite looks at the fastest golf shot in the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkTHwazAbTw

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