Expensive Messages

Mark Zuckerberg is a very important person. I mean, he is the founder of Facebook after all. And now, any person can send a message to Mark’s personal inbox for only $100! That’s right, Facebook to make good ol’ Mark even richer!

When you try and send a message to Mark Zuckerburg, it will bring  you to a menu that offers you two options. You can either A.) Pay $100 for your message to end up in Mark’s personal inbox or B.) Have your message be sent to his auxiliary mailbox for free. Either way, I’m sure you’re message will be read (Not really though).

Marky Marky

Although it serves as a highly effective spam deterrent, this is actually just a test. Last December Facebook announced that it would begin a series of tests, one being paid messages. I’m not exactly sure how much revenue they’ll make off of this new feature, or how they intend to utilize it, but it will sure be interesting to see how many people actually pay the $100 to send mark a message.


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  1. striva says:

    that’s insane! I think this shows a lot about where our capitalistic culture is moving towards: paying for things that should be free!

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