Changing Goals, Changing Lifestyle.

My workouts and overall fitness have always been centered around three words, “bigger, faster, stronger”. Since I was 16 years old I have been lifting weights and completing agility and conditioning work out geared to improving myself as a football player. I was always concerned with how much I could bench or squat and was always focused on how much muscle weight I had put on over the course of a month. Football and the weight room have dominated my fitness life for the last seven years. However, as my football career ended abruptly due to concussions, I quickly started to realize that my fitness lifestyle needed to change as my goals were changing.

I use to be focused on the amount of weight I could pick up and then put back on the ground, and how fast I could get from point A to point B forty yards away. Now all of that has changed. I have started to do a lot more endurance-based work. I try to run a mile every day. I try to do thirty minuets of some sort of cardio work out every day. I try to do a little lifting here and there and also try to strengthen my core as much as possible. However, I am having a very hard time keeping myself motivated with these new workouts. At times, in the past, I would have many tangible goals to envision while I was trying to push through my last exercise or sets. I use to think about the struggle all my teammates were going through and it would help push me to the end of the work out. I seem to have lost that drive and motivation now. I find myself ten minuets into a work out wanting to leave the gym and go home. I have motivation but I guess I haven’t bought into my new lifestyle yet.

The lack of motivation, however, is not limited to the gym, I have also tried recently to change to a much healthier diet, and at times I find my self wanting to eat the junk I use to. Most times I do not give in, but there are somewhere I will slip. As with the workouts, I am having the hardest time focusing on goals like lowering my BMI or reducing my mile time. I just haven’t found a way to motivate myself that really works for me.

So I am looking for some help, some advice if you will. If you are an endurance athlete or some one who has made a change like the one I am trying to make, do you have any suggestions? How do you make the transition from a power athlete to an endurance athlete? What would help me succeed in my efforts? Thanks for all of your help in advance!

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  1. froglady froglady says:

    You might think about a food reward for sticking to healthy meals most of the time. Give yourself a treat!

  2. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    You need a goal. For example, you could target a 5K in the spring or summer. Or go really crazy, and target a longer race, with some 5Ks leading up to it. The personal satisfaction when you reach your goal will suck you right in!

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