Who knew?

I was introduced as a young child to cross country skiing; however living in Pennsylvania, it was not something that happened all the time.  I did it now and again when we had enough snow.  Downhill skiing, on the other hand, has always been completely foreign to me.  My parents never talked about it, probably because they thought it was too dangerous, and they simply were not interested in it.


After cross country skiing for an extended period of time, I never thought that downhill skiing would be an equivalent workout.  I mean, cross country skiing you go up and down and all around, whereas, downhill, you simply go down the hill.  How much of a work out could it be, right?

Saturday, I went downhill skiing for the first time.  In addition to being an absolute blast, it was quite the workout.  I never knew that it used quite so many muscles!  We spent 6 solid hours out on the trails, running greens and blues, and by the end of the day, the muscles in my calves were so sore I could barely walk.

There are a lot of sports that discredited for not being quite the workout.  Some that I can think of include cheerleading and dancing, and I have cross country skiing friends who would say that downhill is not quite the workout.  But, I choose to disagree.  Yes, there are certain sports that are greater workouts than other.  For example, a sport such as soccer or basketball is much more demanding than tennis, but that doesn’t mean it is any less of a sport.  I think it is important to keep in mind that all sports have their pros and cons, and they are better for individual people, but not a greater sport than the rest.

This Saturday, learning to downhill ski, was magnificent.  I found a new sport that I love, and I did it by simply opening my mind to new things and exploring more options.  I think this should be something more people try to do so that they too can find things that make them happy in life.

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  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    I agree that there are some sports that are looked down on as not being “hard” enough. I think that people who play those sports would argue about this. For example, you mentioned tennis, but the longest tennis match ever (2010 Wimbledon Championships, John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut) lasted 11 hours, 5 minutes. That probably rates up there with about anything in terms of physical difficulty.

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