The Day My Diet Died (And How I Revived It)

If I had to pick one word to describe the essence of this post, it would have to be ‘willpower’, a particular characteristic that I lacked this Saturday. Because I would be at my home in Maine on Saturday, I planned (on my fitness calendar) for it to be my day off from exercise because I knew I would be busy visiting with family and friends. What resulted was a day of eating- eating a lot, and eating wrong. I snacked constantly throughout the afternoon and evening, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but my snacks were chips and salsa, whole wheat crackers, fruit gummies, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. At dinner, I failed to redeem myself, as I engulfed a delicious deep fried chicken breast followed by crème brûlée, rich in those simple sugars we love so much. What ensued was a period of several hours of a splitting headache and nausea that kept me on the couch instead of up and having fun. This was exacerbated for me, because I have just begun following the Paleolithic diet, which, among other things, greatly limits carbohydrates, both simple and complex, so my body was simply not used to having all of those carbs introduced to it.

Beyond the physical turmoil that resulted, I want to address the psychological aspect of what occurred on Saturday. The correlation between my working out and what I eat, I believe, is fairly strong. If I work out during the day, I tend to be more motivated to eat better, so as not to ruin my diet. For some people, it may be the other way around; they may eat more bad things on days they work out because of the mentality that they are “burning it off”. That, however, means eating well on days that you don’t work out, and I seem to lack that willpower! Saturday demonstrated clearly why I need to keep up with my exercise regimen, especially after January ends.

Luckily, for myself, those few hours of feeling terrible and the mental distress that Saturday caused me were enough to ensure that today, I did and will do everything I can to make up for it. I began with a breakfast of eggs and a shake with kale, spinach, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, protein powder, green superfood powder, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nut, and milk and coconut oil. After finishing this blog post, I will go ride my bike for through my neighborhood, and will hope that afterwords, I will be able to continue eating right! (even with the Pats game on later)

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  1. PumpingIron PumpingIron says:

    I completely agree with your point about the correlation between diet and exercising that day. On days I workout, I have an extra incentive to be perfect with my diet so I can reap the most gains out of my hard workout. Like you, I feel less committed to my diet on my off days and it is more challenging to resist the temptations of certain foods. If I do start to veer off my diet, I make sure it’s only in little amounts rather than a splurge. After I began to write down the type and quantity of foods I eat each day I have found it easier to stick to my diet. Being more conscious of your future goals and making a detailed list of your daily diet (which can be as easy as making a fitness calendar) can keep you progressing towards your fitness goals.

  2. I really loved reading this post because it’s something that I can really relate to. I started eating Paleo this summer and have never felt more amazing and healthy in my life, but like you said, if I ever slip up (even if it’s just too much sugar in form of grapes or too many carbs) my body completely recoils. Great post, I loved reading it!

  3. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    Just think…the way you ate on the day you “slipped” is the way that a lot of people eat all the time…just recognizing that it makes you feel crappy is the first step to a healthy lifestyle!

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