Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats…Oh My!

I have always grown up with a very healthy lifestyle.  We have our own farm, and my mom has harvested an abundance of vegetables to keep us through the winter months for as long as I can remember.  She makes our own bread, grinds our own coffee, and even raises our own beef on the farm.  The work was always hard, and I never looked forward to taking care of the animals after two and a half hours of swimming five nights a week.  I learned how to milk a goat at the age of four, I could tell my friends how to double dig a garden, grind flour, make bread, pluck chickens, and can vegetables.  My mom always used to tell me that you couldn’t trust the FDA, and she refused to buy meat out of the store.  Buying cheese or yogurt from the local stores made her cringe when she didn’t have time to make her own at home.  I didn’t truly appreciate the hard work that we had to do until after my first year at Colby.

After the end of my freshman year at Colby, I worked at a gym and only ate the foods that were nutritious for me.  However, this turned into a bit of an obsession, and I underestimated how many calories were necessary for my body to function.  I began losing weight and getting tired easily throughout the day.  I was no longer able to run the amount of miles that I used to, and I began to get frustrated.  It wasn’t until the end of the summer that I realized that I was eating the right foods, just not enough of them.  I revised my diet plan, and gained back the muscle tone that I had lost over the summer.  I got back to my previous weight, and added the right foods in the right amounts into my diet.  I had enough energy to add in the more difficult exercises that I used to do, and I had a better relationship with the foods that I was putting into my body.

The nutrition section this past week reminded me of my own personal dedication to nutrition and fitness, and I was pleased to find out that the nutritional plan that I am now on coincides almost perfectly to the recommendations in the reading.

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