Finally Eating Right

I’ve tried so many times to give up junk food…but it has never worked out. Too many of my favorite foods are full of saturated fat or have a high GI level. That’s why for my wellness calendar for this class I pledged to give up junk food for January and really try to focus on a healthier diet. I’m hoping that this will benefit health-wise and athletically, and after only a week I have already been able to feel a difference when I play basketball.

So what has made this time different than my other attempts? I think it’s because of what I learned in class about what is in different foods and what happens to your body when you eat them. It’s been hard, especially when my mom brought her homemade chocolate chip cookies to the banquet after our basketball double-header this weekend. But I can’t get enough of this energetic feeling and waking up everyday feeling good. My cravings for unhealthy foods are still there but not as often and I am able to resist.

We’ve looked at the food pyramid since we were children but now I am starting to look at it from a serious perspective, deciding what food will be the best choice for optimal performance on the basketball court. From that I’ve realized that I do not eat enough vegetables for a healthy diet. I have also been focusing on the amount of protein I eat.

I feel as though our culture has made eating into more of something we do for fun rather than its real purpose. Sure, eating, cooking, etc. is certainly something everyone does for “fun.” But I think we forget the reason that we should be eating: to get energy and then use it.

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  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    If your mom made you chocolate chip cookies, then you are allowed to count those as veggies!

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