What sports mean to me

I love everything related to athletics. The daily practices. The early mornings. The long days. The brutal practices. The mixture of nerves and excitement that comes with competition. The euphoria that comes with victory and the bitter taste that accompanies failure. I love it all. I live for the grind. Without it I would be lost. To me, its an addiction of the best type. It all means so much to me.

Sports have taught me so much. They have shown me first hand that hard work pays off. They have shown me the bonds that can be created between individuals who share the same struggle. They have taught me the value of cooperation. They have shown me that nothing is worth doing unless it is done right. All of these lessons carry over into the classroom and have in turn made me a better student.

My love for athletic stems from my childhood. To be blunt,when i was younger I was a a fat, socially awkward, self conscious kid with extremely low self esteem. On top of that I was bullied on a daily basis. As a result, middle school was easily the darkest time of my life. I was involved in youth soccer, but it only reminded me about how much less fit I was than my peers. In 7th grade, i quit soccer a began to play football. My rationale was that it was an sport where my weight would be an asset instead of a crutch. I fell in love instantly. Practice was a time where i could forget about the outside world and just have fun. It was my escape. I didn’t lose and weight but i found a place where i could forget about everything, which was great.

It wasn’t until high-school that i discovered how much i loved athletics. Prior to my freshman year decided that i was going to re-invent myself. I was going make myself into an athlete. To be honest I hated it at first. The work, not the sport. The conditioning was awful and the lifts had me too sore to move, but I was determined. Eventually I grew to love the pain, and decided to run track as well. As my shape improved, my self confidence increased, the bullying ceased, and my overall state of mind improved. Ever since I’ve been in love with sports. They’re truly an amazing.

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  1. striva says:

    Hey Jbreeezy, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your post. Your story is inspiring. Middle School can definitely stink, but you seem to have grown a lot since those days. I want to love athletics the way you do and I think I will. Thanks for sharing.

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