On How This Helps

This class will help me get my act together.  I have never cared to listen to my body’s needs or taken the time to learn how the things worked inside of it.  I have played little sports possibly due to my little access to the great outdoors, but mostly due to my priorities in other non-active hobbies.  I have always admired people In Touch With Their Bodies, who understand what systems are unfolding inside, and who know how to get high on natural, skilled and organic activities through body movement.  But I have never done this.  This class is inspiring me to get my act together.  I finally feel relieved that I will start paying attention to my body’s health.  I am excited to eat salad, to stretch daily, to exercise and tone.

I also strive to be comfortable.  Many students in the class are already comfortable in gym settings, doing warm-up routines, and post-workout stretches.  I hope to feel comfortable with these customs soon.  Entering gyms can be an intimidating and self-conscious experience.  I have been to gyms before but never enough know what I am doing.  I am excited to change this.  Many workout machines frighten me, or confuse me.  In some ways I have fear of the unknown.  I want to learn about these stretches and machines and have created goals to do so.  I want to be healthy.

Recently, my father had a sciatica in his back and was hospital-bed-ridden for three weeks.  The Eastern and Western doctors, the chiropractors, all said it was due to his sixty years of no exercise coupled with the nature of his job as a musician and arranger—sitting at the piano, sitting at the drum set, sitting at the computer, sitting, sitting, but not stretching.  He did this for years, rarely exercising except for the motion in his fingers.

Currently, I am a Young Person.  These past few years have flown by so fast I fear that I will be old before I know it.  I know I need to start taking care of myself now.  My father never stretched or exercised in his life and this year it finally showed.  Still, I appreciate a new awareness I have about my life and my body, something I am beginning to understand in new ways.   My body is an instrument to move and communicate.  My body is an apparatus to use five different senses.  I am certainly not my body but I should best be taking care of it, as this is the only one I will get for the rest of this life.  I think this class will give me structure to be successful and pro-active.  I am about to eat some fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

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  1. Wall-E says:

    Others might appear to be at home in the gym, but we’re all still wondering what that fancy new machine could possibly do. Don’t let the confident look fool you, it’s really not that scary! And I promise it’s worth it!

  2. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    Yay! I am excited for you…have you considered bringing a friend with you to the gym? Might not be so scary….

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