When I was young I was clumsy. Wasn’t everyone? Wandering around my elementary school hallways I recall fearing stairs because I had an uncanny ability to trip and fall every time I walked up or down them. I hated gym class. I hated recess. I hated being in a situation when I had to run because I was sure I would trip and fall. Or maybe when I was playing kickball outside during recess I would miss the ball and fall. I grew to hate exercise. But I was clumsier than most students.

The reason why I had such trouble is because I am dyslexic. “Dyslexic” to most people means reading things backwards. But to me it was related to my childhood issues with balance and my atrocious gross and fine motor skills. When I was in elementary school I was tested and it was determined that my fine and gross motor skills were in the first percentile. In other words, I couldn’t write very well or do much of anything that required even the most basic amount of dexterity. I couldn’t pick up coins off of a table; walk in a straight line, throw or catch a ball, or to run without the chance of tripping. I remember growing to hate the idea of playing outside. I would stay inside and read while everyone else would play outside. As I grew older I was diagnosed with dyslexia and started receiving physical and occupational training. It took many years before I performed at the same level as my peers.

When I was younger I realized that I would have to work harder than everyone else to achieve the same level of physical performance. Over the years I have improved my physical fitness and by high school I was testing in the “good” or “exceptional” categories for fine and gross motor skills.
I have improved markedly over the years. I attribute my success to excellent training but mostly hard work. I truly believe that hard work will help me surmount whatever obstacles I encounter.

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  1. Fearless Leader ugogal says:

    I’ll bet you appreciate your progress a lot more than the naturally gifted athletes because you had to work so hard for it!!

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