The Vlog

Over the past decade, blogs have shifted from resembling online personal journals to being many people’s go-to sites for film reviews, cooking tips or even political opinion pieces. As more internet users share content online, some find their niche in video blogs or vlogs which can be just as versatile.

A vlog is usually considered an individual project, and so is generally shot and narrated by the same person. It could involve a person speaking directly to the camera about a chosen subject, a recording of a person’s activities or a film with images and text along with a voice-over. Vlog entries can be shot in one take or cut in multiple parts. has emerged as a popular platform where internet users upload and search for personal vlogs. The tags ‘charlieissocoollike’ and ‘jennamarbles’ have become popular search terms, and are associated with the Youtube personalities Charlie McDonnel and Jenna Mourey who rose to fame through their vlog followers.

Much like regular blogs, vlogs give producers the freedom to base their content on practically anything. Some vloggers film themselves making comedic monologues, as in the famous post by Jenna Mourey, ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking’, which gained over 5.3 million views in its first week.

Others create vlogs devoted to certain subjects or activities. Victoria Hart, who describes herself as a “Recreational Mathemusician,” creates educational vlogs entries explaining mathematical or musical concepts. Some of her posts have been featured on the online education site Khanacademy.

As with many internet videos, vlog entries gain popularity for a variety of reasons. Their content may click with the interests of select audiences, or may just pique the curiosity of millions of random viewers.

Watching vlog entries are much more time-intensive than going through text or photo blogs, and so may deter some people from watching them. However, like TV shows, some vlogs can cultivate devoted audiences that regularly watch every new entry. Nerdfighters, anyone?