The History of Review Video

If we look at the history of review video, it actually developed alongside since the invention of web video. There are people writing review articles ever since the start of public market, and it has gradually became a scene of reviewing as consumerism and global market developed. It is hard to actually trace down the first ever review online video, however, the trend of posting reviews as video has been popular popular since the 21st century.

 To know the history of review video, we need to find out why people write review in the first place. The popular belief is that most reviews come from a handful of serial reviewers who dutifully give feedback on all of their purchases. But in truth, most reviews come from first-time writers. In fact, 76% of reviews across the network come from someone who has not previously left a review on that site. There are new influencers joining this content revolution each day, so what motivates them to take the time?(

The reason people make review video

Once we start writing reviews and posting them online, it is not a hard transition from articles to videos .As video camera became less expensive, cell phones started to carry well-function front camera, review writers were were able to revolutionize their way of reviewing product and actually putting all the information they trying to convey into a video.


After the first person posted their video of reviewing a product, audiences are quickly drawn to this new form of information, since a large number of people from the first group of audiences started to film their own reviewing videos. Then, one by one, novice kept joining the team of producers and filming a review video became a habit for some people as mentioned above.

Beside from the increasing number of producers, the technology used in these videos has been improved gradually.

Look at this video from 5 years ago…

A review of Nokia 8310 Filmed With A Nokia 6120 Classic. Can’t imagine if a review video CAN be this bad, right?


And a glance of an average level review video from last year.

In general, the quality of review video has been ascended as the overall standard of making online videos. Addition to that, since more people start making review videos about all sort of product, just try type whatever item closest to you right now into the search box of youtube. It will absolutely blow your mind that there are people already made a video commenting it.