The Higher Class of Extreme Sports Video Enthusiast’s Manifesto

We are the HCESVE, or rather, the Higher Class of Extreme Sports Video Enthusiast. The Higher Class—those who are above the stunt man’s home video… those who are better than the make shift taped helmet cam…those who won’t ever be seen in the right lane, simply exist on a different level than the rest. Our roots start at the Clifton Suspension bridge and don’t have an end, for we are forever growing. You see, our nature is to be over the top. Our passion is to be faster than you. Our mission is to exhaust our body and resources completely, and then find any extra juice stagnant in our tank. Oh there isn’t anything left? Well we’ll just have to make the tank that much bigger, then. We lead our lives, like we brush our teeth: sub 30 seconds and with a planned, controlled chaos.

The Higher Class makes no exceptions when it comes to the expectations of what we choose to watch. No HCESVE member will watch a video that is not sweat provoking. By rule, we cannot even begin a film that’s not of at least HD quality. It isn’t our way. Members fiend for videos that put us there, that make us believe we too could possibly die from whipping around that corner to pickup enough speed to clear that monster 10 stair leading into traffic.

The Higher Class doesn’t just watch the tour de France, we watch Lance Armstrong Highlights on our iPad while participating in last length. We don’t go out to see Chuck Norris movies; instead, we take 3-D/ 360 degree footage of ourselves spar training him for his upcoming film. The High Class Enthusist don’t settle for this:

The quality is not up to our standards and any average man can fall off a bike.