The Future Of Vlogs

With the growing popularity of web video platforms such as Youtube, more people are taking to uploading self-made videos online. From resembling daily log-entries, vlogs have evolved to cater to specific audience interests. Many users have developed vlogs to cover subjects such as their hobbies and interests.

User LifeAnnStyle vlogs about her craft hobbies:

User ReadUnlimited films herself reviewing books on her vlog:

Of course, these creations blur the lines between the classic vlog entry and other types of online video (eg, the how-to video, the review video, etc)However, in this genre, users seem to have the freedom to be as specific or as broad in the subjects featured on vlogs, as they are on regular blogs.

Nevertheless, there are benefits to a vlogger sticking to certain “rules”. If gaining subscribers or viewers is one of the main goals of a vlog, then it’s worth noting that several of the more successful vlogs are those that have consistently dealt with certain subjects or those that have been created in a particular style. These gather an audience that grows familiar with the vlog’s content and style, and grow to be distinctive.
Given the vast amount of content that’s found online, the ability to stand out in this way is a huge advantage for a vlog.

An example of a vlogger who’s gained a devoted audience in this way is ViHart. Her channel features a number of videos that all deal with Mathematics and Music. Additionally, she has a quirky style of presentation; she uses quick narration over a choppy video that usually focuses on her colored markers as she writes out explanations for complex “mathemusical” concepts.


The format of a vlog allows producers to be quite creative with it. Some in the film industry have taken advantage of this and incorporated the vlog into longer entertainment productions,  eg. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – a musical tragicomedy miniseries in three acts.
The film is about Dr. Horrible filming entries for his video blog while giving updates on his schemes and responding to various emails from his viewers.

The film was hugely popularity among viewers on the internet, and eventually was adapted into a TV series, and a comic book. These developments hint at the many ways vlog content can possibly evolve in the future.

It might be worth keeping an eye out for vlog references in pop-culture. They definitely have the potential to become the next big media phenomenon if worked with creatively.