The Future of Video Dubbing

The genre of video dubbing has certainly evolved over the years, and I think that the future of the genre lies with Bad Lip Reading.  First and foremost, the genre began with dubbing videos for the sake of editing.  Someone somewhere, at this point not known to the world, began to use dubbing as a story telling technique, and created a genre that that I think is still in its early stages.  Some of the early videos focus on making fun of products through advertising or films that are generally “out there.” An example of this is the following video.

I think that video dubbing is genre that is still young, so no one is quite sure what exactly it is or what it can be quite yet.  Many of the early videos are vulgar and served no real purpose other than to be vulgar.  The vulgarity of the language is only considered funny because it is couple with video of an innocent topic, like the snuggie.  But, newcomers like BLR, are really pushing the boundaries of the genre.  BLR has given the genre some stability and some concreteness.

Bad Lip Reading is different that other producers in the sense that they generally have story in their videos, though at times that is a stretch.  But, BLR has an obvious focus on producing well-made videos that are targeted at a wide audience, not just immature teenagers like many of the original videos.  I think BLR is where the future of the genre lies.  When done well, video dubbing is a strong instrument for criticism or commentary, and I think that this critical aspect offers the only real, concrete future for the genre.  Unless the genre finds some way to be seen as a medium for social commentary, I think it will die out like most fads do.

I’d like to see the genre become a way for people to express any feeling they may have about a film or product, but I do realize that the only way that a dubbing video works is if it humorous.  So, I think that dubbing can actually be useful in pointing out the often over-dramatic nature of certain genres of film, and the often over-dramatic persona of society in general.  It is important to laugh at ourselves every once in a while and realize that everything is not so serious.  Video dubbing offers society an opportunity to step back and take a real look at itself, and realize that there is humor in most things.