The Future of Time Lapse Photography

When it comes to genres, I think Time-lapse photography undoubtedly has a very bright future.  What makes time lapse videos so fascinating, is its surrealistic feature. Time lapse videos have the power to show processes which human beings can’t normally see, despite the fact that such processes are taking place all the time!  The fact time lapse videos enable people to go beyond their capacities, and experience something they normally cannot, is what keeps the genre alive. With technology growing every day, boundaries that define human capacity are also expanding. In the past, it was fascinating to watch time lapse videos of flowers blooming and fruits rotting; today, it takes videos of the entire earth rotating in a matter of 10 seconds, to fascinate the human mind. It’s in human nature to always want more, and since time lapse videos guarantee experiences beyond natural human capabilities, human beings would always be hungry for more. The boundaries will continue to be pushed beyond our imaginations, with time lapse videos not only becoming more sophisticated, but also a lot more common.

As mentioned before, time-lapse photography has grown with the development of technology. With science and technology growing at exponential rates today, the development of much more powerful equipment for time lapse photography is inevitable. As opposed to the countless hours it used to take to produce the simplest of time-lapses, today, not only has it become extremely easy to make such videos, but also very affordable. Camera’s built specifically for time lapse photography are sold for as cheap as only a couple of hundred dollars in the market. With automatic settings and built in timers, all that one needs to do do to produce such fantastic illusions, is press a couple of buttons on a tiny device and leave it in a place for a couple of hours. When it comes to processing the photos, everyday more and more user friendly software are being released, some of which available for free download. Unlike its early days, almost anyone can produce their own time lapse videos, without any sort of special training or skill.

Although it has already made its way into various other forms of media, such as TV Shows, commercials and movies, I believe that with time, time lapses would become even more integrated into other forms of media. More and more TV shows and films will begin to use this technique more frequently (Breaking bad makes extensive use of time lapses: More and more independent producers will begin to use this form of filming to produce their own work. Processes, that we’re probably not even aware of today may one day be discovered via time lapse photography (similar to how slow biological processes were studies in the past). Sub genres, such as construction time lapses, cross country travel time lapses, daily portrait time lapses etc.  may even branch out and become their own genres.

Unlike other genres, Time lapse has the advantage of developing hand in hand with technology. And they never fail to impress the viewers. With technology developing on a daily basis, I believe that time lapse videos will only get more enchanting, meaning that the genre will continue to exists and develop, reaching heights that are beyond our imaginations.

Who knew back in the early 1900s, that some thing like this could be produced: