The Future of Sports Highlight Videos

Since the popularity of sports are at an all time high in America, I see no reason why the popularity of sport highlight videos would decline. In fact, I see sport highlight videos becoming even more prevalent in the coming decade or two because American’s love for sports is showing no signs of slowing down, and with the constant improvements to technology, there will be more avenues to both post and watch highlight videos. The highlight video has proliferated in the past decade and should continue to do so.

There are always an abundance of new, young, exciting athletes to be featured in highlight reels. I predict the age of the athletes seen in highlight videos will continue to get younger. For example, a video of a 14-year-old basketball sensation has garnered over 10 million views! It’s easier to identify talent with social media and YouTube, leading to more discoveries of athletic prodigies, which in turn means more highlight videos to document their amazing play.

I believe it’s nearly impossible for people to get bored of sport highlight videos because I don’t think people will ever get bored of sports. Even for people who don’t consider themselves sports fan, it’s hard not to marvel at some of the ridiculous skill and athleticism of the top athletes in the world. Whether it be LeBron James dunking over two people, or Lionel Messi dribbling through an entire defense and scoring, the best plays in sports are sure to keep people entertained for many years to come.

I’d like to see more soccer highlight videos because those are my favorite types of videos. I like mixes where the background music adds to the overall video, yet doesn’t detract from the video or take your focus away from the plays. Image quality is also very important in creating a solid highlight film, and that will also improve with technology. I’m very curious to see how sports will have evolved in 50 years, but I predict they will be as strong if not stronger than the present day, and so will highlight videos.