The Future of Song Parodies

Clearly, the genre of song parodies has evolved greatly since the times of Bach and Mozart. However, the style and message in which Bach and Mozart wrote their parodies is almost the same. Artists in this genre are still taking popular music of the time and giving it their own spin, whether it be a slight variation in the melody or their own personal lyrics. Weird Al has made a career off of taking the latest and greatest songs, not changing the beat necessarily, but altering the lyrics into a completely different and often ludicrous subject.

The genre of song parodies certainly has a future, as people will always be looking to poke fun at the most popular songs of the time. As long as pop stars are spitting out records, they will always have the trusty parody songwriters to counter their hits. However, the future might be a little bit different from the past. Lately, song parodies have also started to include not only popular songs, but popular videos on the internet. These parodies are the latest fad in the 21st century, as hilarious news interviews and quirky commercials are turned into legitimate songs.

I don’t think that the genre has to evolve too much to remain interesting. My genre is purely based off of other people’s work, so it all depends on the mainstream artists to keep producing hit records, which in turn will allow artists like Weird Al to keep producing song parodies. It’s hard to imagine people getting bored of song parodies, as they are always original and never the same. With each new hit comes a new parody, so there are never any duplicates or repetition. Whenever I notice a song getting very popular, I get excited to see what parodies will be made of it, cause there is bound to be at least one hilarious one.

Personally, I am very excited for the future of song parodies. While I hope the genre stays true to its roots (Bach, Mozart), I am excited to see what advancements will take place in the viral videos category. It’s not like only one of the two genres can exist, I believe they both compliment each other nicely and can coexist just fine. The future of of song parodies has nothing to worry about, for as long as music remains fresh, original, and creative, so will the parodies that follow them.