The Future of Painfully Bad Music Videos

One thing is for certain, people and celebrities alike have noticed an increase in negative media turning them into massive tabloid stars overnight. There have not been many “Painfully Bad Music Videos” as of recently, but there have been music videos that use very controversial images and material to make a statement and brew conflict. For example, Miley Cyrus’s performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs was without a doubt one of the most repulsive musical acts in history. There was nothing sexy or seductive about the preformance and I think I speak for everyone in saying that everyone was a little shocked to see a once lovable Disney Channel star turn rogue and come out with a performance like that. But then again that was the point; shatter all prior assumptions and images of the stars innocent past so she can “reinvent” herself.

Now bear in mind that the video also has a majority of dislikes versus likes… but then again it also has 4+ million views in a little less than five months. Miley’s music video for her hit song Wrecking Ball has over 500 million views in just about 4 months, not to mention the endless number of parody videos on Vine and Youtube that glorify Miley even more. Again, though, notice the number of dislikes. There is almost a 50/50 split of likes to dislikes.

Now this may not seem all that relevant to “Painfully Bad Music videos”, but it is. It’s using bad publicity, or negative Publicity and turning it around to make millions and millions of dollars as well as being one of the hottest pop culture news topics. If there is one thing that tabloids and social media feeds off of more than anything, it’s OUTRAGEOUS or JAW-DROPPING gossip/drama. That’s how painfully bad music videos started. They took something that was bad and made it worse, with the intention of attracting attention. There really is no end to the material that could be used to negatively glorify oneself, which is why I do not believe this method of becoming famous will end–I actually think it will get bigger.