The Future of Fanvideos

Over the past few decades, fanvideos have evolved to entertain viewers in new and exciting ways. In the beginning, videos were simply a compilation of clips that portrayed the relationship between two characters. If you were lucky, there might have even been some sappy music. Today, however, the editing abilities at the fingertips of even the most amateur video creators have expanded to an incredible level. Fanvideos have continued to depict couples as they are, but they have also branched off into categories of videos where the editing tells a whole different story than what the original show depicted. This is referred to as AU, or alternate universe. Fans now have the software in front of them that enables any story to be told, whether it is what actually happened or what they wished had happened.

So will people ever get tired of fanvideos? That is like asking if people will ever get tired of romantic comedies. Chances are good that the fanvideo genre will be around for quite a while. The videos allow creators to gush over the relationships they love and enable them to put all of their favorite moments into one short video. As the attention span of today’s youth gets smaller and smaller, it is no wonder that fanvideos, a genre that shows all of the “good stuff” in a matter of minutes without all the junk in between, continue to remain popular.

The future of fanvideos is anybody’s guess, but the genre has ample room to grow and evolve. As long as people continue to get behind the couples who drive television shows, which there is no evidence to say otherwise, fanvideos will continue to be popular. The current length, about three to four minutes, will probably stay the same, as it allows for a montage of clips without going over the average youtube user’s video length preference. Personally, I will be happy if fanvideos stay just the way they are right now. It is a comfort to know that, with just a few clicks, I can be swept off my feet by those unrealistic relationships that we are just so unable to resist.