The Future of Fake Movie Trailers

The future is bright for fake movie trailers. And by bright, I mean exactly the same as the past and present. The strength and weakness of the fake trailer genre seems to be the same. There is not much change in the genre. Fake trailers will always just be trailers for movies that will never exist. As long as real movie trailers continue to stay the same, (which for the most part they have) so will fake trailers. That’s the key.

As a genre, fake trailers mimic the real trailers. Without that mimicry, the genre falls apart. The to examples above from movies made decades apart are a bit different, but serve the same purpose. Reveal the main characters of the two films and the plot without giving away too much information. Talk about the director and the actors, use some dramatic music, and some particularly beautiful shots from the film. That’s the formula for a typical and successful movie trailer.

The same goes for fake trailers. Trailers, unknown or in real movies or tv shows, follow the same general outline as the real movie trailers linked above. That’s why the future of the genre looks to stay the same. As real movie trailers have remained similar for decades, it can only be assumed that they will continue to do so. For this reason, the upstart genre of fake movie trailers will continue to remain the same for the foreseeable future.

The genre should stick to its roots. It began as something for fans to do in their free time. Now it has made its way into media like television and film. Fake trailers have millions of views on the Internet. All of the genre’s success stemmed from sticking to its roots. And nothing about that should change now.