The Future of Extreme Sports Video

Undoubtedly, extreme sports video is making and talking strides in the world of filmography. It seems only natural that it is this way, however, seeing that the different sports are ever-changing themselves. Where extreme sports and their films used to be a lot of random people taking footage of themselves doing crazy stunts, we now see more planned and precise progression in these films. Of course there is still the X games footage that is less planned in terms of what tricks are going to be done in the scene. However, we see an equal amount of planning in the types and angles of the shots, especially when the events are shot from multiple cameras.

I recently posted about Nike Skateboarding and their new 360 filming. I really think this technology is going to be big, especially for extreme sports. My biggest interest and concern is that with this technology, are we going to see extreme sports take more of a team aspect than it needs to. When limit the range of what you can film, then you have the option of making your with films one or multiple subjects. In use a way, the 360 filming forces these videos to include multiple athletes at a time, because otherwise, the 360-degree is pointless. If you are only going to shoot one athlete, do you really need to shoot it 360? So much of the remaining frame (when you shift left or right) will be empty and unfilled. I am curious to see what happens with that.

Continuing with the 360 theme, I don’t think this new feature will be getting boring anytime soon. Especially if Apple has anything to do with it. As humans I think we are keen to what is around us more often than not. Apple and GOpano have come up with a plug in 360 camera for the iphone 5. Yes, it is true. Now all of the sports junkies who probably have Iphone like everyone else in the world (except for this guy) can take footage of themselves and their buddies doing extreme sports and what not. I actually think this is great because it allows the footage to parallel the roots of the extreme sports: never settling for a limit, and always pushing the limits. The genre will continue to grow in such a way as long as there are techys trying to figure out new ways improve cameras. All directors have to do is continue to find ways to use the new technology to portray the danger of the sports.

Personally, I would like to see sports filming continue to innovate. Unfortunately, I’ve got no clue how you can top a 360 camera, but I can’t wait for it to happen. Maybe in the future we will see more features like 3-D filming in extreme sports video. So much of the filming is based on putting the viewer in the perspective of the athlete, so that they too can experience a crazy half pipe run or a 100-foot base-jump. What better way than to ramp it up and make it 3-D?