The Fail Video Manifesto

Do you get pleasure or amusement out of watching the misfortunes or accidents of others? If the answer is yes, then you are slightly twisted. But there are few people who aren’t a little twisted in some way because millions of people watch what is called fail videos. I like to think of a fail video as a video that captures something that goes wrong or something that happens to someone that is not intended. These videos capture people’s mistakes and even just unfortunate things that happen to people that are out of their control. These videos can also serve to help the old self-esteem. Feeling down or in a bad mood? Watch a fail video and see people who probably have it a little worse than you. Everyone is going to mess up in someway sometime and probably multiple times so why not watch how other people do the same?

These videos can appeal to a wide spread audience. If you don’t enjoy watching a skateboarder attempting to do a “cool” trick and accidentally hurting himself, you could always watch a news anchor lose his cool on air.  There are pretty much endless ways to fail and as a result, there are endless ways for a fail video to be created. The camera just needs to be rolling at the right place at the right time. If you want to be the one to create this video you can walk around with a camera hoping something goes wrong in front of it, or you could go places where the chances of a fail are increased. An example of this could be a Saturday night party where kids probably get some fueled confidence to try things that they can’t do but all the sudden they think that they can. Alcohol has been the source of many fail videos that have been created and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching some arrogant person being brought back to reality when he or she attempts something that they “know” they can do but actually can’t? How is it not funny to learn that someone who looks like they have their life completely together and is invincible is actually still human? Whether it is a little tumble or a mishap to a minor degree, it is nice to be reminded that were all still human. Sometimes fail videos are not to a minor degree though and that’s where it gets tricky. If you look at the annual fail compellations, many of the ones included in the videos are fails of people attempting to do something that other people know won’t work out. The reason why they are being recorded is because if the person completes the task, it would be cool to see, but most of them are pretty idiotic and what is captured on camera is their complete failure and typical physical injury.


My favorite fails aren’t particularly the bad injury ones.  I enjoy ones more like what I described earlier about a news anchor fail. It is amusing to see people who you would never expect to mess up, do so. While some people can watch the serious injury fails, I believe that is where the larger crowd is lost. Part of the amusement comes from knowing that the person committing the fail is ultimately alright and that it is acceptable to laugh at them.

Watching people mess up and make mistakes has been long in tradition. In my earlier posts, I described how characters like Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges exemplify this. Watching people mess up is currently still popular as thousands of fail videos are uploaded and watched every year. As long as there are people and video recorders, fail videos will always be created. There is no sign that people are going to be perfect anytime soon so the hope and possibilities of fail videos being created is infinite. In fact, it is growing. Most phones and all different types of technology have cameras on them; increasing the chances that one’s fail will be captured digitally. So if you’re a fan of these videos, as I am, we have a lot of future fails to look forward to.