The Fail Video as a Genre

The fail video has evolved slightly. Many of the beginning videos were single videos of one person failing in some way. As it grew in popularity, people started making compellations of different fails into one video. This made it easier for people to watch many of them at once. The fail video can be connected to many different genres such as sports, instructional, news, and basically any other that includes someone messing up. Almost any video has a potential for failure and if one occurs, then it becomes a fail video.

It seems as though the fail video will continue to be popular. There doesn’t seem to be too much further potential for it as it is already well known and there isn’t much room for it to evolve into something else. Sometimes there are waves of particular fails that people get interested into. One specifically is people failing the cinnamon challenge. The cinnamon challenge when people attempt to swallow a full spoon of cinnamon without coughing it back up. Almost everyone who attempts it, fails to do it. The failure is typically amusing as people are unable to control their reactions of trying to swallow cinnamon and they are usually extreme. People do not watch these videos to actually see people swallow cinnamon, but they watch them to watch the various ways people fail at it in a funny way. Some of the funniest ones are when people who look put together or tough completely lose it attempting this challenge. The cinnamon challenge video went through a phase of popularity a few years ago when many people would watch them. This inspired more people to attempt it themselves and post their failure on the Internet.

The root of the fail video is people messing up at pretty much anything possible. Most of the time the people failing are caught completely off guard and their vulnerability is exposed. These videos will always exist because people will always mess up. Humans will always make mistakes because that is in their nature. Looking at past trends of people getting amusement out of watching others fail and the fact that it is so popular today, it seems as though this genre will always exist. One thing is certain; there is an infinite amount of material for it to continue. There are variations of the fail video that go through waves of popularity, such as the cinnamon challenge, but ultimately it seems as though people will continue to gain amusement from failure. Personally I enjoy watching the different types of fail videos that exist and hope it continues. I watch the yearly compilations that are made and spent an unhealthy amount of time watching people fail the cinnamon challenge. I have embarrassing moments of my own and like to be reminded every now and then that other people do as well.


Below is another yearly compellation of fails and a failure at the cinnamon challenge.