The Comedic Vloggers’ Manifesto


 The video blog, or vlog, is an important avenue that is used by many to express their feelings, to share their knowledge, to advocate their worldviews, and to entertain their audience in a web-based medium.  The set of vloggers who seek primarily to entertain their audience are comedic vloggers.

Comedic vloggers are a raucous bunch of web-based comedians who speak their minds in a public forum.  They share hilarious rants about the world around them, give uncouth advice to their viewers on subjects that range from the serious to the seriously silly, and do all sorts of absurd activities to get a laugh.  Most take on online personas that are spins on their true identities, going by names like Jenna Marbles, Ze Frank, iJustine, and Nigahiga.  Their videos are informal, sometimes made with nothing more than a computer’s built-in camera, however some (especially those who are very popular) use professional equiptment and even have production teams with employees and interns.

The goals of comedic vloggers are to:

  1. make people laugh;
  2. garner a huge following;
  3. develop an online persona; and
  4. provide new material on a regular basis.

In order to attain these goals, comedic vloggers must have an initial fanbase to make their videos popular enough to be easily seen by the masses.  They must share a constant stream of fresh material to supplement their most popular all-time favorite videos, keeping viewer coming back for more on a regular and reliable basis.


  1. To speak as one’s own self, possibly using an embellished online persona.
  2. To avoid playing roles to frequently, engaging in skit-like behavior or creating excessive amounts of spoofs.
  3. To speak about modern trends with leading edge knowledge of the most up-to-date information.
  4. To push the limits of social acceptability and politcal correctness in an uncensored environment.

 Advancing the Manifesto of Comedic Vloggers

In order to preserve the genre and help it to grow, comedic vloggers need support from viewers.  Seek out the funniest vloggers you can find, and tell others about them with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

We invite potential comedic vloggers to create the best material possible in good faith that there is a large audience out there that wants to hear from them.  We encourage established comedic vloggers to continue to provide fresh material in innovative ways, and not to be afraid to push the envelope on social norms.  May the genre of the comedic vlog prosper and grow.