Sports Highlight Manifesto

Na-na-na, Na-na-na, This is Sportcenter.

Joe Montana, Tiger Woods,

Ronaldinho, we’ve got the goods.


Bicycle kicks, inverted tricks, athletic chicks, taped hockey sticks,

throw it all in the mix, gotta satisfy that fix.


Find a catchy background song to set the mood just right,

It can be intense, loud, fast, or even a little light.


Make sure the visuals are engaging,

attention spans are short,

even quicker than your mom’s aging.


I’m talkin’ bout touchdowns, goals, and slam dunks galore,

you think your highlight is better than mine?

This means war.


Big hits, high speed collisions,

hopefully this clip can fulfill my vision.


Home runs, game-winners, buzzer beaters too,

it’s what the people came to see,

so please give them what they’re due


The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,

capturing emotion can taste so very sweet.

Sports can produce the purest drama,

although usually resulting from another’s trauma.


bench-clearing brawls, dropped gloves on the ice,

not good for young eyes,

but in my video that’s gonna look REAL nice.


From professionals to amateurs,

YouTube has helped stretch the parameters,

allowing Average Joe to make some sick reels,

that is, if he so feels.