Song Parodies Manifesto

I’m here to tell you about song parodies

So sit back and listen to this sweet melody


Parodies date back all the way to Bach

Now all the hits are parodied, even Kesha’s “Tik Tok”


These songs take hits and turn them into goofs

Knowing that America is a sucker for a spoof


While keeping the music constant, parodies change the words

For centuries and centuries, this genre has endured


Anyone can take a hit and spin it in their own way

As long as it doesn’t use Rebecca Black’s Friday


Parodies give the people a breath of new life

No need to hide yo kids, or even hide yo wife

If you’re looking to provide some parodies for us mules

You’ve come to the right place, just follow these rules

1)      Find the latest and greatest song of the time

2)      Write new lyrics, and make sure they rhyme

3)     Make it something that’ll make the people laugh

4)    If you need it, toss in some tiny cats


In the future I believe that this genre will be just fine

Maybe even incline, as long as the rhymes are current with the times


So to finish, parodies exist to make us laugh

No science, no numbers, no line or bar graphs


So if you enjoy music, and a little poking fun

You’ll enjoy parodies, a genre second to none.