Lip Reading Manifesto

Lip reading videos are any videos that are dubbed with new dialogue.  These videos range from commercials, to clips from films, to clips from political advertisements.  As well, the videos range in how well the dubbing is executed, which is clearly visible when watching the videos.  Lip reading videos serve, for the most part, to simply be funny and mock something or someone.  But, some videos go further than just mocking, and are making the point that some popular films are overly dramatic, and that some politicians take themselves too seriously.  By using original video with dubbed words, the viewer can see that there is actually something humorous to be found in most any film, commercial, etc.  The defining characteristics of these videos are virtually any clips with new dialogue dubbed in.  Some producers choose and cut clips from movies, while others will dub over uncut video.

The most famous, and the most creative group that produces these dubbed videos is the group known as “Bad Lip Reading.”  Video dubbing is extremely well executed by the BLR group.  A great example of the abilities of BLR is the video “’Herman Cain’—A BLR Soundbite,” in which Herman Cain’s campaign motto is: “Everybody needs toucan stubs.”  Lines like “McDonald’s special.  Give me a large plate.  Then I’ll sing, sing, sing about it” and “Mexican people don’t eat sugar, especially when it’s a mixture of lice and tiger DNA” seem to fit so perfectly with the video of Herman Cain and his actual words, and really allows the viewer to see that not everything is so serious, that if you look closely enough, there is humor in everything.  BLR has the freedom to choose both which clips they want to sue and they have some flexibility with what dialogue they want to sue.  In other words, they have ability to create almost any story line they want to, albeit they are restricted by what words they can use to fit with the mouths of the characters.

A couple more great videos from BLR:  Hunger Games and Twilight.

There are other producers of these videos, another being the group with the YouTube account “Jaboody Dubs.”  This group focuses mostly on commercials, trying to point out the ridiculousness of the product being advertised.  A great example of this is the video “Snuggie Dub,” in which they mock the Snuggie.  However, in these videos, it is the narration that is dubbed, not individual characters.  So, these producers have the freedom to choose any dialogue they want for the videos because they do not have to match the dialogue with a characters mouth.  However, when Jaboody Dubs does do have to match words with mouths, they are less accurate than BLR, which gives their videos a less polished feeling.

Another commercial dubbing from Jaboody Dubs:  Loudmouth Leo Dub