I “How-To” And So Can You, A Manifesto

 Step 1

To “How-To,” you have to plan ahead.

Master what you’re teaching because if its dangerous, you can end up failing expectations.


Step 2

Each step should be informative, direct and fast

that way, the viewer doesn’t waste time just sitting on their laurels.


Step 3

Keep your title snappy, interesting, and easily searchable so your viewers won’t have to spend hours, desperate and on the hunt.

You don’t want them to give up and call you a country bumpkin who has no idea how to use the internet.


Step 4

Shoot the video in high quality to get many a hit.

1080’s the best, 144 simply looks like poop.


Step 5

Don’t just tell the viewer, show them how to do it, so its done without a hitch.

But, don’t film yourself messing up, it makes you look like a confusing person.


Step 6

I don’t know how to end this, (that’s just my dumb luck.)

Fuck it.