History of Comedic Vlogging

Vlogging, which is short for “video blogging,” is a form of web video that developed out of the blogosphere.  People have been keeping written internet diares, called blogs, for decades.  As videos became easier to create and share on the internet, a new form of blog evolved, and the “vlog” was born.

The first true vlog was created by Adam Kontras in 2000 when he posted a video of himself to his blog, talking about his move to California to pursue show business.  From then on, he continued to post video diaries that recorded his progress, and now has the longest-running vlog in history.  In 2004, Steve Garfield (another founding vlog father) declared it “the year of the video blog.”  With the founding of YouTube in 2005, vlogging saw a sharp increase in popularity.  Now vlogging is so widespread that many companies it as a form of marketing.

Comedic vlogging is a form of vlogging that focuses on the humorous side of life.  Many consider a man called Ze Frank to be father of the comedic vlog.  The videos on his personal website became wildly popular in the early 2000s, and he now has a huge following on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  He makes frequent vlog posts in which he looks directly at the camera and talks about things like envy and dealing with rejection, speaking from his humorous outlook on life.

I would consider stand-up comedians to be precursors to the modern vlogger.  Their live comedy routines are often quite similar in content to a comedic vlogger’s online “routine,” however the method and performance of delivery are very different in nature.  Many online vloggers would do very well as stand-up comedians.   Vloggers are the stand-up comedians of the internet.