Future of Review Video

We have future, We are the future.


In the past decade, the total number of video from the genre of review video has thrived drastically. And, we have every reason to believe after 10 or even 20 years, this genre in will go through more revolutionary changes.

1. Quantity

As we can see from the history of review video, the quantity in general has considerably increased due to the develop of filming technology. Now that we have the new iphones, the new webcam on every tablet, and even google glass may add camera on top, everybody can film everything that near them. I strongly believe more people will start filming, and recording their opinions. And as for doing review, definitely the people who use to write online review comment or blog will starting filming review video and upload their videos online once they have a vlog or Youtube channel.
2. Accessibility

For accessibility, I mean it will be easier to find and follow review videos for customers. And at the same time, more people will get used to watch review videos online before and after their purchase. At this rate, there will be a better cycle of providing and offering this service, hence the chain of reviewing will inevitably progress. there will be more specific websites and more personalized and detailed service such as differentiate each category and maybe personal subscribe to some appointed producer.


3. More Types of review video

This part of the future which now that I don’t have much detail on.

But I wish there can be more new types of review video, or the future producers can be more all-around and creative!


4. Commercial

People WILL make money out of review. For this, I am sure. There are people right now trying to build their own website of review videos and making money. If you do your job right, there are whole bunch of ways to make money out of it. For example, there will be corporate want to import advertisement during your video, and that is the basic method for any online videos to make money as long as you get enough views. You can also build a website, professionally made, and included big number of review video of certain area just for certain audience to get over-the-top and detailed visual information. By then, if your website is a hit, you can start charge audiences for viewing the videos or get advertisement from big related company to invest.

All due respect, if any poor student has again been assigned to write about the genre of the review video, he or she will have a lot more to research on.