Flash Mob Video Manifesto!

For flash mob video’s to remain an integral part of our online culture, changes MUST be made. This genre of web video has become a joke ever since its original creator, Bill decided to stop forming flash mobs in New York City. First off, the flash mob video has become either a huge advertisement for some large corporation and the message it wants to spread or something fun to do in school or to propose to your significant other. This is all well in good, but this is not why flash mobs were created, this I believe is the key to making flash mob videos mean something again and regain popularity, going back to their original purpose, to what Bill Wasik had originally intended.


1) A true flashmob cannot be created for commercial purposes, it must be used for social commentary, as they were originally intended.

2) A flash mob must contain a group of larger than ninety people in order for it to really even be considered a flash mob.

3) A flash mob must cause considerable confusion and chaos, so as to make the event even more spectacular.

4) These mobs must be as little planned as possible to make them seem even more organic.

5) Flash mob videos must include a clear beginning (in which the scene of the mob is set), a mob, and a clear end (sudden stop and crowd walk away leaving the bystanders shocked and confused)

Despite these principles and the fact that flash mobs should be used as social commentary, another fundamental idea around them that must be continued in order for the genre to succeed is jubilance and joy. Flash mobs need to be fun or they loose over half their appeal. So stop using a flashmob for your ad campaign and put a group together to have fun and comment on their society today!