Fake Movie Trailers: The New Frontier

Ever wanted to make a movie? Did you then realize you have none of the necessary funds or resources to do so? Well so did the creators of the first fake movie trailers! All you need is some basic editing software (iMovie), a little too much free time, and bam, you’ve got yourself a fake movie trailer. Appearing somewhere in the early 2000s on Youtube, fake movie trailers serve several purposes, almost none of which were called for. The trailers create a supply for which there was no demand. But boy can they be funny! The trailers can be based on real events, tv shows, other movies, or just about anything.

The main viewers of these trailers are the average Youtube procrastinators, looking for something unproductive to occupy there time. If there is one commonality between all fake movie trailers, it is there comedic value. Finding a serious or dramatic fake trailer is a difficult task. Most are made as comedies. There is not much reward for the maker or viewer in creating a 2-minute sad, dramatic, depressing trailer for a movie that will never exist. So the genre has fallen almost exclusively into comedy.

There aren’t many limitations or restrictions on what goes into a fake movie trailer. Mainly, they have to be as similar to real movie trailers as possible. If it serves it purpose, after watching a fake trailer, the viewer should promptly search the title online to see when it comes to theaters, only to be immediately disappointed.

Most of the fake trailers have similar traits to real movie trailers. A cheesy voice-over describing the action. Over-dramatic music played to clips of actors staring off into the distance. Fast cuts between shots. Minimal plot explanation. Over-dramatization of the plot. By whatever means possible, it’s important for the fake trailers to seem as realistic. Despite the lack of any resources necessary to make one, good trailers must appear to be well-funded and well-produced. And if they are, they are a lot of fun to watch.

Source: http://www.squidoo.com/goodmovietrailer