Fake Movie Trailer History

Fake movie trailers developed, of course, from real movie trailers. They are the result of a development in technology. In the age of iMovie and Final Cut, now anyone with a basic computer and a desire to try can make a fake movie trailer. To try and make a fake movie trailer before these applications would be a massive undertaking. You would have to shoot and hand-cut frames together to make a trailer for a movie that would never exist. It would just be too much work.

Today, it’s a lot easier. Making a fake trailer just requires a love of movies and a little too much free time.The earliest fake trailer on Youtube was uploaded in 2007. 7 years later, and fake trailers have become a relatively large portion of the parody videos on the Internet. There seem to be two different categories of fake trailers: those with footage cut from real movies works, or newly shot footage made into a totally new concept.

The two categories seem to attract similar numbers of people. The measure for how many viewers a fake trailer gets seems to be based on it’s publicity. For instance the “Man of Steel 2” trailer, has over 3 million views and was recently publicized on several blogs. The Dora the Explorer trailer from above has over 17 million views. What’s important to viewers is the popularity and relevance of the subject. Trailers about famous superheroes or TV shows get a lot of views while trailers for more cult followings like fake Seinfeld movies get less views.

Fake trailers did not come from a film genre per se, but they did come from the film industry. Fake trailers allow the average movie enthusiast to get involved in a small way. Making a fake trailer is easy, and for those people out there who want to be make movies but don’t have the capabilities to get into the business, making one is a great way to have fun in the movie “industry.” Making a short, 2 or 3 minute video can be fun and also inspire people to find a passion in filming and editing. It’s a great way to test the movie-making waters.