Future of Review Video

We have future, We are the future.


In the past decade, the total number of video from the genre of review video has thrived drastically. And, we have every reason to believe after 10 or even 20 years, this genre in will go through more revolutionary changes.

1. Quantity

As we can see from the history of review video, the quantity in general has considerably increased due to the develop of filming technology. Now that we have the new iphones, the new webcam on every tablet, and even google glass may add camera on top, everybody can film everything that near them. I strongly believe more people will start filming, and recording their opinions. And as for doing review, definitely the people who use to write online review comment or blog will starting filming review video and upload their videos online once they have a vlog or Youtube channel.
2. Accessibility

For accessibility, I mean it will be easier to find and follow review videos for customers. And at the same time, more people will get used to watch review videos online before and after their purchase. At this rate, there will be a better cycle of providing and offering this service, hence the chain of reviewing will inevitably progress. there will be more specific websites and more personalized and detailed service such as differentiate each category and maybe personal subscribe to some appointed producer.


3. More Types of review video

This part of the future which now that I don’t have much detail on.

But I wish there can be more new types of review video, or the future producers can be more all-around and creative!


4. Commercial

People WILL make money out of review. For this, I am sure. There are people right now trying to build their own website of review videos and making money. If you do your job right, there are whole bunch of ways to make money out of it. For example, there will be corporate want to import advertisement during your video, and that is the basic method for any online videos to make money as long as you get enough views. You can also build a website, professionally made, and included big number of review video of certain area just for certain audience to get over-the-top and detailed visual information. By then, if your website is a hit, you can start charge audiences for viewing the videos or get advertisement from big related company to invest.

All due respect, if any poor student has again been assigned to write about the genre of the review video, he or she will have a lot more to research on.


You Can Make Review Video: A Manifesto

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.50.03 AM

Everyone can can make review videos, but to create a masterpiece, here is the master’s advice.


Ground Rule:

You don’t need much creativity to make a review video.

All you need is enough love or hatred for the product! And, more important a nice camera…




Please use a tripod when you film the video, it’s for the good for you and your audience!


Easy Steps to Follow

1. Name it wisely!

2. Start talking!

3. Show it instead of talk about it!

4. Add effect

5. Creativity sets you apart! (add some if you can)

6. Keep it short!

7. Summarize it in the end!

What to do next:



The History of Review Video


If we look at the history of review video, it actually developed alongside since the invention of web video. There are people writing review articles ever since the start of public market, and it has gradually became a scene of reviewing as consumerism and global market developed. It is hard to actually trace down the first ever review online video, however, the trend of posting reviews as video has been popular popular since the 21st century.

 To know the history of review video, we need to find out why people write review in the first place. The popular belief is that most reviews come from a handful of serial reviewers who dutifully give feedback on all of their purchases. But in truth, most reviews come from first-time writers. In fact, 76% of reviews across the network come from someone who has not previously left a review on that site. There are new influencers joining this content revolution each day, so what motivates them to take the time?(http://blog.bazaarvoice.com/2013/08/13/pay-it-forward-why-customers-write-reviews/)

The reason people make review video

Once we start writing reviews and posting them online, it is not a hard transition from articles to videos .As video camera became less expensive, cell phones started to carry well-function front camera, review writers were were able to revolutionize their way of reviewing product and actually putting all the information they trying to convey into a video.


After the first person posted their video of reviewing a product, audiences are quickly drawn to this new form of information, since a large number of people from the first group of audiences started to film their own reviewing videos. Then, one by one, novice kept joining the team of producers and filming a review video became a habit for some people as mentioned above.

Beside from the increasing number of producers, the technology used in these videos has been improved gradually.

Look at this video from 5 years ago…


A review of Nokia 8310 Filmed With A Nokia 6120 Classic. Can’t imagine if a review video CAN be this bad, right?


And a glance of an average level review video from last year.


In general, the quality of review video has been ascended as the overall standard of making online videos. Addition to that, since more people start making review videos about all sort of product, just try type whatever item closest to you right now into the search box of youtube. It will absolutely blow your mind that there are people already made a video commenting it.



From Cheeze Doodles to the new iPad, you can surprisingly find that there are people already bought and reviewed on everything you can think of. In order for a video to be classified as a review video, the producer simply need to include any aspect of information about the product they are trying to introduce. In fact, video reviews have become a prominent genre on media-sharing sites like Youtube and are playing a critical role in prospective consumer choices. But the product review did not always take this form. Its evolution was a slow and long progression from short written 1 to 2 sentence reviews published in newspapers and magazines to longer, elaborate paragraphs with pictures posted on blogs and digital social networks and finally to the video reviews available today that allow the prospective buyers to examine every aspect of the product and even see the product in use.

 Product reviews are quite diverse- some are humorous and biased, others serious and impartial; some are written on amateur forums, others propagated through professional publications. These reviews for the same product- the iPhone 5- demonstrate the variety of just one type of product review (video reviews) uploaded on one popular file-sharing website (Youtube).

Introducing the iPhone 5S


iPhone 5 Review!


Most people couldn’t tell from just the title or the preview picture that the first review was was the ironic and humorous one and the second a detailed and technical review. This is true for most video review- it’s usually hard to tell, even from the first full minute of video whether the video will be serious or flippant. Incidentally, usefulness aside, the parodies are the video “reviews” often most popular on the web.

One way to categorized video reviews is by the consumer’s rating factor. Everyday appliances, personal-use products, and electrical gadgets like cameras, electronic dictionaries, make-up, or shampoo are often rated on performance while non-material merchandise and media like books, musics and movies are more often judged by aesthetics. Movie reviews in particular, often focus on sentiments and personal reflections as shown in the first he talk-show styled review of Thor: The Dark World below.

Thor: The Dark World movie review


We can also divide review videos into commercial and noncommercial ones. Usually commercial review videos are made professionally by corporations and contain an efficient breakdown of important product information. They are also often biased, misleadingly presenting a disproportionate amount of benefits.

Introducing the World’s first interchangeable lens HD consumer camcorder


This commercial review for example, gives the initial impression that the product is very technologically advanced. The title alone is meant to captivate the consumer with expectant wonder. For unbiased and sound advice on product selection, consumers should view a large selection of both commercial and noncommercial reviews.

In this digital age, with video filming and sharing becoming increasingly easy, several distinct types of private product reviewers have emerged:

1. Those who are paid to do so (as per the recent case of Belkin hiring people to rate their products five star)

2. Those who are forced to do so in order to gain some other incentive (TopTable requires you to rate restaurants you have been to in order to gain points for their loyalty scheme)

3. Those who write reviews to increase their standing in a community (where, perhaps more reviews give them more credibility or access to more features in the online community)

4. Those who write reviews because they want to look good / impressive / intelligent amongst their peers

5. Those who write reviews because they had benefit from some and they want others to benefit in the same way from their advice

6. Those who write reviews because they have something to say whether good, bad or irritated

Most video reviews are targeted at the prospective buyer audience, to either persuade or dissuade people from buying the product. Others are used by fellow buyers as a second opinion or means of comparison. The general age of audience spans from those who have just learned to used a computer to mid-aged consumers familiar with the internet (age 8-30), and consist primarily of people seeking advice on their purchase.

Taylor 114ce vs 214ce – Can you hear the difference?


The reviews above, about two different but similar Taylor guitars are among the type of  specific and more professionally review videos which targets toward a relatively big amount of audience within that specific area.

Either way, the genre of online review videos often served as more practical uses unlike other genres may be seeing as individual works of art. Consequently, the prerequisite of making a review video for video addicts and fans of certain brands or product  is relatively easier, in other words, everyone can be a video reviewer if you have something to say.