A Farewell: The Final Post of the Non-Official Political Ad

I bid farewell to this blog, to this class, but certainly not to surfing the Internet for unofficial political advertisements.  I have explored an entirely new realm of viral ads that I barely knew existed.  I have further learned a great amount about the definition and the history of the genre within this past month—something I certainly wouldn’t have studied on my own time…. And I am glad this class allowed for me to explore this new field of viral videos.

Throughout this month, I have just barely touched upon the surface of the unofficial political ad genre.  I directed my focus on just the American party politics sub-genre as opposed to all the unofficial political manifestos surfacing the Internet, such as this clever advertising campaign set forth to promote aids awareness: http://www.adverblog.com/2012/03/28/a-smart-facebook-scam-for-good/

As for the viral videos I have discussed throughout the past month, I would like to conclude on the genre of the unofficial political ad campaign.

For all you government majors out there, this genre is for you. 

If you appreciate parody and satire, this genre is for you.

Those who fully study and comprehend American party politics and where our country currently stands, this genre is for you.

Even those who have no freakin clue about politics, yes, this genre is still designed for you.

The social media junkies out there, yes you there (you are reading this blog), this genre is for you.

All of you who experience viral videos that constantly flood your inbox; sure, this genre is also for you.

Those who just want a good laugh, this genre is for you.

And, for you who like a serious controversial hot topic in the making, this genre is definitely for you.

I see great controversial, satirical, burlesque, humorous, yet educational productions in the near future for the unofficial political ad.  I am confident that this genre will thrive in the next ten years with technology and social media continuing to take off.  I’d hope to see more controversy, more parody from both sides of the political spectrum, and even more satire… I say out with the serious, and in with the hilarious, when it comes to the future of the Non-Official Political Advertising genre!

Who knows?  Perhaps other genres defined throughout this manifesto blog will morph together with this genre to send the unofficial political ad into an evolution frenzy representing several key viral video genres….