Public Service Announcement Manifesto


   We create Public Service Announcements, we sound the horns of change and spread words of sage advice through all channels of media. We are the impetus for action, the object of mockery and the harbinger of safety.

We may be the party poopers. We may be obnoxious. We may be telling you things you don’t want to hear. But you need to hear them, and thats what we aim to do.

   Our roots grew from the messages of safety and good will from the war battered cities of Britain and remained through the restoration of the world. From there our domain grew to raising awareness of VD and safeguarding moral values. Then on we sprouted messages on environmental safety, and Smokey the Bear kept our parks from burning to ashes. Now we cover a vast swath of issues from being a good samaritan, informing Americans on underground sex trafficking at the Super Bowl, drug use, and seat belt safety. We have the ability to cover it all, and it can be as broad or specific as you want it to be. We do not limit and we do not censor or hush. We are the whistle and we are handing it to you.

  You see we speak for no particular voice, because we are a method of action, a tool. Do we sometimes fall into sordid hands? Yes we do, but that is our nature. We are the megaphone sitting on a public bench, free to the public to inform others regardless of who picked it up and started to shout.

Beyond this we are also the voice of authority. We can come as messages from the government and large institutions. We are there to slap you on the wrist. We are there in the living room in the dark at night, waiting for you to come home. We are there to lecture and talk your ear off because as much as this is about public action, it is also about knowing what’s best for the public. Safety first, click it or ticket, just say no, not even once. It’s all the same–we are here to look after you.

Public service announcements are a means of spreading a message to the masses, and getting a cause heard, seen and delivered. The goal is to illuminate, inspire and bring forth social or political change. You must amplify the voices of those ignored or unheard. Since 1938 the messages have been spread over airwaves and through television screens and the intent has and will always be the same, to raise awareness. Whether it is through inducing fear, revulsion, laughs or tears you must make your audience understand and feel. We are dramatic, we are jarring, we are hilarious and we are groan inducing but we are here inducing some sort of response within our viewers and we stick with them.


 Here is how we look:


1. We lead you in with a compelling story, statistic or other information.


2. We hit you with a powerful hook, something like a tagline, punchline or jarring visual that will stick with you


3. We give you a cautionary tale or an ominous threat, to advise you on why it’s important that we are heard.


4. We state our mission and our goal and show us how you can help


5. We let you know who we are, and where you can get more information

6. And we do it all (ideally) in a minute or less.