The Future of the Non-official Political Campaign:

First, I would like to further elaborate on my definition of the “Non-official Political Ad.”  Not only is the objective of the genre to corrupt (definition explained in previous post) its viewer, but also carries the objective to portray/use parody and satire to convey the absurdities/incongruences of the “official” political advertising scene—as opposed to the statement that all unofficial political campaigns are used to only manipulate viewers to vote/act in a particular manner.

And now to the future of the “Non-official Political Ads”….

As I just stated, there are unofficial ads that seek to manipulate their audience, and there are other unofficial ads, or rather digital shorts, that seek to portray the irrationalities from both parties of the political campaign.  Certainly, there will continue to be attacking unofficial ads, however I believe we will see a significant increase of the amount satirical viral videos poking fun at the political scene in general… for example, more like the Jib Jab shorts I posted in my last entry.

The evolution of the original Jib Jab short, has now taken on (almost) an entire genre of it’s own.  But for the sake of this class, I am categorizing the Jib Jab shorts under the “Non-official Political Ad” genre—simply because I honestly believe they are the future of this unofficial political genre.  If you observe the unofficial political spectrum throughout the past ten years, you will find that more and more unofficial campaigns have turned from attacking one political idea/candidate to scrutinizing multiple political ideas/candidates running against each other through parody or alternative realms of advertising.  An example of this concept:

In both viral shorts, all sides of the spectrum of American politics were mocked by the producer.  In the first, we can see that Romney is a robot and Obama and Biden are in panic mode, but Ron Paul jumps in to save the White House.  In the second, the ridicule of all three candidates is apparent simply by listening to the entire conversation.

Essentially, I believe the future of the unofficial political campaign will evolve from simply just attacking one side of the story to both sides—that both republicans and democrats alike will be dissected in similar fashion via parody and other humorous rhetorical mannerisms.