• For general information on new aging experiences in China

Zhang (2009) “New Realities of Aging in Contemporary China”  Zhang-New Aging

Li and Chen (2010) Li and Chen-Aging- Living Arrangements in China


  • Community and at-home eldercare models (社区养老、居家养老模式)

Xu (2011) Xu-Community Service model for elderly in China

Zhang (2007) Zhang-Who will care our parents

CASS Report (2008) 月坛街道社区居家养老服务调研报告


  • Impact of rapid social change and migration on Rural Elderly 

Thogersen and Ni (2008) Thogersen and Ni-Social change and Rural Elderly

Luo and Zhang (2012) Luo and Zhan-Migration and Rural Edlercare


  • Institutional care (residential care) and changing filial norms

Cheng et al. (2011) Cheng et al-residential care in Beijing

Zhan (2011) Zhan-Institutional Care and Filial Piety

Zhang (2006) Zhang-Institution-care


  • For Government’s new policy and position on NGOs’ involvement in public goods delivery (the article below is a case study on migrant schools in Shanghai, but it has the same application on eldercare service delivery)