Petya Andreeva

“Aging In Place: Developing Community-based and at-home eldercare models with Chinese characteristics”

Due to the fast economic growth, the decrease in family size , and the increasing freedom for the younger generation to relocate and move away from home to pursuit their future and career, more and more Chinese parents find themselves not only living in empty-nest households, but also in need of alternative ways to meet their need for old age support. In coping with a rapidly aging population, the Chinese government is encouraging diverse eldercare models including institutional care, but the Chinese government also puts more emphasis on community-based services for the elderly and at-home eldercare thinking that this combination is more culturally acceptable and more affordable for the majority of the Chinese elderly. In my research, I want to find out how at-home eldercare and community-based eldercare work, and what are the elderly people and community leaders respond to these two eldercare forms.