Community Centers

北京学院路社区服务网 (Beijing Xueyuanlu Community Service Networks)(we visited two neighborhood community centers in Xueyuanlu Community Service Network:二里庄社区-Model Dance; 志新社区-Square Dance)

北京西城区文化馆 (Beijing Xicheng District Cultural Center) (we participated in the chorus activity on the sixth floor of Xicheng District Cultural Center, but this Center also provides recreational activities such as dance, calligraphy, taichi and etc. for for middle-age and elderly people and young people in the district as well).

北京什刹海社区活动中心 (Beijing Shichahai Community Center) (we visited this community center and interviewed a group of mid-aged retirees who practiced fitness dance twice a week in the Center, and we also played ping pong with a few older retirees there).

北京铁四社区合唱团 (Tiesi Community Chorus) (We saw the singing practice and interviewed a few elderly afterwards. In this staged performance video clip , you may see some of the elderly we interviewed)

外滩街道(咏年楼) (Yongnianlou in Waitan Street Neighborhood in Shanghai) (This community center provides a daycare center for elderly with dementia and training for adult children who are caregivers of parents with dementia. We visited this community center twice.  the link has an short news report on how Waitan Community Center provides help and services for the elderly).