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A cultural revolution to make London sit up and take notice

Marina Hyde in Beijing The Guardian, Tuesday 12 August 2008 Jiao Bingcheng is hanging upside down, virtually in a splits position, from a set of monkey bars. Building up his swing, he pivots 180 degrees, draws his legs together, and … Continue reading

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Challenges for Asia as It Grows Old

NYT ALAN WHEATLEY March 28, 2011 BEIJING — If demography is destiny, as the French philosopher Auguste Comte put it, then Asia faces daunting challenges in the coming decades.

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As enriched China ages, ‘filial piety’ strained

CNN February 10, 2011|By Jaime FlorCruz, CNN For 93-year-old widow Liu Bingdi, the Chinese lunar New Year is the happiest time of the year. “It’s a time when we all gather for family reunion,” says Mrs. Liu.

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How to cope with an old-age problem

CHINA DAILY CAI XIAO February 8, 2011   Behind two elderly people walking on a street in Nanjing, is the Chinese character “fu” (which means happiness) on a wall. Analysts say the number of Chinese people older than 60 will … Continue reading

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