Bette Ha

“Left Behind But Not Alone: Agency, Self-sufficiency and New Eldercare Patterns in Rural China”


Rural elderly in China face the insecurity and vulnerability most for their old age support due to the ongoing massive rural-to-urban migration and the lack of social safety net and pension that their urban counterparts have. They often have to labor in the field despite old age or provide their own aging care when their adult children are not willing or around to provide care. For Ha’s research, she will interview the villagers about new coping strategies and eldercare patterns:whether these new coping strategies and eldercare forms are working and what are the challenges ahead. She will also ask the rural elderly and village cadres on their views about dramatic changes in their community, traditional way of life, intergenerational relations, and their old age experience, and what future they envision for themselves, their family, and the rural community.

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