Redefining Old Age and Eldercare: Stories from China

The combined impact of China’s one-child policy, population mobility, accelerated urbanization, longer life expectancy, and the transition to a market economy and consumer-oriented society have presented unprecedented challenges to traditional family care for the aged in China and have fueled worries over whether China is ready for the coming “silver tsunami”. Funded by ASIANetwork Freeman Foundation Student-Faculty Fellowship program,  this Colby research team spent three weeks in China in the summer of 2012 documenting new eldercare patterns and new meanings of old age and filial duty in contemporary China. See the Colby Research Team Report at ASIANetwork website here.

 Colby field photos by Photographer Daniele mattioli in Shanghai (password: shanghai)

Colby Research Team visit profiled by an elder service NGO in Beijing (May 31, 2012)

Silver Tsunami“, a feature story about this Colby faculty-student research project reported at Colby Magazine Winter issue, 2012.