During the first day of Loudness Fall 2008, a campus wide celebration that commences the beginning and ending of each semester, the Student Programming Board (SPB) used an Hawaiian Lu’au theme for that year’s festivities. Some students were upset with SPB because they did not do an extensive background research about the origins of a Hawaiian Lu’au. Rather, SPB resorted to the typical negative stereotypes associated with the Hawaiian culture. Some of the incorrect stereotypes SPB promoted were “coconut bras” and generic “tiki” forms. Ironically, both of these stereotypes do not reflect the Hawaiian culture. Kris Ortiz, Class of 2009, was extremely offended by the Hawaiian themed party and expressed how the Loudness theme was culturally ignorant. A small student rally was held on the college’s library steps and suggestions were made on how to prevent these sorts of events from happening in the future. SPB finally issued an official public apology to the student body two weeks after the incident took place.