In the Spring of 2015 students, led by SOBHU, held a Black Lives Matter against police violence directed at unarmed black people. Later in the day, there were a number of racist posts on Yik Yak about the protesters and the Black Lives Matter movement at large.

The next day printed screenshots of the Yik Yak comments were posted around campus. Some taped the papers on to their shirts. For the rest of the week, in Dana dining hall, many members of SOBHU sat together on one table in silence as they ate their food. Students not affiliated with SOBHU sat with them in solidarity. 

Later that week, over 500 people gathered on Miller lawn to rally against hate. Associate Dean and Director of the Pugh Center, Tashia Bradley, and President of the College, David Greene, Government Professor and Oak Institute for Human Rights Director, Walter Hatch, and student activist, Aquib Yacoob, spoke in opposition to the racist remarks.  

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Selected Yik Yak Post Screenshots: