Batch Upload for WordPress

Save Time and Energy Uploading Multiple Files Simultaneously

Much of the time, users create a single post or page in WordPress and upload any images or documents at the same time.

However, there are times when a user might want to upload all their images or documents first, and then insert them as they create pages and galleries over time.

This is easy to do in WordPress.

1. Assemble all your files in a single folder on your computer.
2. Click on “Add New” under the Media tab on your WordPress site dashboard
3. Click on “Select Files” in the “Upload New Media” screen
4. When the Browse box is displayed, go to the folder that has all the files in it and drag your cursor to select all the files in the folder
5. Click “Open“. WordPress will upload each file in turn.
6. When it completes the last file, Click “Save all changes“. All your files will be uploaded.

Uploading a PowerPoint File in Moodle

Q: My professor assigned us a PowerPoint presentation to upload to Moodle, but I cannot upload it – it is too big!

A: There are several reasons this might happen. Most often it is because of very large images or multimedia that have been included in the PowerPoint presentation. This is especially true of pictures added without resizing them from digital cameras. To fix this:

For Images:

  1. The best strategy is to resize your pictures before you put them in the PowerPoint presentation. Load you picture into a graphics editor such as PhotoShop and resize the image something close to 400 – 600 pixels wide and 70 -85 dpi.
  2. If you need the images to retain the higher dpi, you can try just resizing the image and leaving the dpi untouched.
  3. If the file is still too large, try compressing your entire PowerPoint presentation into a zip file. Upload that and people can download and unzip it.
  4. If that file is still too large, try “Saving As” a PDF file

If all of these options still fail to reduce your file to a size that can be uploaded, you have two options:

  • Contact your professor and ask them to request a larger file size limit in whatever onlince application (Moodle, Confluence, WordPress) they are using
  • Divide your file into smaller sections or chapters and upload each one individually

For Video and Audio:

  • Use a multimedia editor to compress your multimedia file before you embed it in PowerPoint
  • Break your presentation into smaller sections and upload them separately
  • More help compressing audio and video can be obtained from the LRC Lab  (fourth floor of Lovejoy)