Using Colby Apps: E-mail Filters

Organizing your e-mails can be a daunting task, especially if you receive several hundred e-mails a day. Colby Apps E-mail has a tool called “Filters” that is designed to automate part of this process.

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Using Colby Apps: Revision History

Have you ever wanted to see the different changes made to a document in your Google Drive?  Maybe you shared a document and you want to see the changes made by others.  Here is a short video on a feature of Google Docs called “Revision History”.

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Using Colby Apps: New Compose E-mail Window

Google recently announced that they are making changes to the “compose email window” in their webmail interface. Beginning November 20th, this will be an “opt-in” change meaning you can choose to switch to the new look now, and switch back to the old look if you don’t like it, but the new “compose email window” will become default beginning in early 2013 with no option to switch back. Below is a video tour of the new interface:

Here are some additional links for more information:

Using Colby Apps: Search your e-mail

When most people think of searching the web, they think of Google.  Google has revolutionized the way we find web pages by using a very complicated (and secretive) set of algorithms to take the words we give it and find what usually turns out to be a very helpful list of web pages.

Colby Apps e-mail’s web interface allows you to utilize some of those same search capabilities.

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Using Colby Apps: Google Drive is Coming to Docs

Soon you will notice a change when you visit Colby Apps Docs.  Google is updating the service to include a new feature called “Google Drive.” 

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Using Colby Apps: Move Chat List and Label Before Send

This week I thought I would treat you to two Colby Apps E-mail tricks!

  • Moving the Chat List
  • Label Message Before Sending

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Using Colby Apps: Manage Web History Service

Google’s Web History service may offer more relevant search results and recommendations across Google’s products and services should you choose to allow Google to save and use your web search activity for this purpose.

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New Google Apps services accessible using Colby Apps accounts

Three new services on our Google Apps for Education domain can now be used with Colby Apps ( accounts:

  1. YouTube
  2. Maps
  3. Moderator
Important: If your Colby account is closed due to graduation, transferring, getting a different job, retiring, etc., the data you put in these services will no longer be available to you. Plan to download any data you wish to keep before you leave the College. For more information on downloading your data please visit Google’s Data Liberation website.

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Colby Apps Calendar – Collapse Off Hours

How many people start work at 1 a.m.? How about work until 11 p.m.? My guess is not many. So why does your Colby Apps Calendar show those times? Well, now you can collapse those hours so they take up almost no room on your calendar. Here’s how:
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